Transfer - credits

UDC Official Transfer Policy


All transfer students with less than 60 credits (after evaluation of transcripts by the Registrar’s Office are advised by the University Student Development and Success Center, located at the A level in Building 38. The assigned academic advisor is Dr. Janice Jackson,, 202-274-6870.

Transfer students with 60 or more credits (after the evaluation of transcripts by the Registrar’s Office) are advised by the Academic Center for Student Support.

If a student has an AA or AS Degree (including UDC-CC) then s/he will start the program from the junior year, in addition to completing required business core courses offered in the first two years. The most credits the university can accept from a BA, BS, or BBA degree is 90 because one has to complete at least 30 credits for residency requirements.

After evaluation of the transcript by the Registrar’s Office, the Business School will accept all applicable courses fit with a student’s desired major.

Specific courses which the Registrar is unable to evaluate, would be decided by the department, which will then update the Registrar’s Office with the official substitution. For these matters, students should contact Academic Center for Student Support with official description of the course which the student wants to transfer/substitute an SBPA course.

(written by R. Gaston / developing)