Advising Center

Hany Makhlouf Academic Center for Student Support

During the present National Emergency – Summer 2020, the office is temporarily operating via e-mail:




If you require additional assistance, school officials who may help you are:


Dr. Jian Hua, Chair – Department of Management

Dr. Tih Tan Koon, Chair – Department of Accounting & Finance

Dr. Gwynette Lacy, Associate Dean

Dr. Malva Reid, Associate Dean, MBA

Dr. Sylvia Benatti, MPA Coordinator

Dr. Mohamad Sepehri, Dean

Some common requests:
-          Advising Sheets
-          Schedule of Classes
-          Registration Instructions
-          Transcript Instructions
-          Scholarships

Hany Makhlouf Academic Center is the first stop for all advising needs for all graduate, undergraduate, and prospective students. The Center provides aid to current and prospective students with:

– Student Help

– Help with Course Guides

Advising Hold Removal

Registration Assistance

Transcript Assistance

Graduation Clearance Precheck

Academic Planning

Schedule of Classes

– Academic Support

– Retention Issues & Guidance

General Student Issues & Q&A

– Student Concerns

Student Suggestions

– SBPA Campus Tours